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Church Membership

Church membership is a commitment to Christ that is expressed by supporting the church with prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. It is not necessary to become a member to participate in the ministries of the church. Periodically, an "orientation class" will be offered to which you will be invited. Be encouraged to participate regularly in worship and get acquainted with others through classes or small groups.

Membership classes are offered for those who are in 8th grade and above.


Baptism/Holy Communion
Baptism and Holy Communion are ways we remember and experience God's gift of love poured out for each one of us.
Baptism, by sprinkling, pouring or immersion in water welcomes people of all ages into the family of God and begins our journey of growth in faith in Jesus Christ and service to our world.
Holy Communion, in our United Methodist tradition, welcomes ALL PEOPLE to come and receive this act of remembrance and celebration of Christ's forgiveness and God's love. Holy Communion is celebrated during on the first Sunday of the month and during special worship services.



The service of Christian marriage is provided for couples who wish to celebrate their marriage in a service of Christian worship. Weddings need to be scheduled at least three months in advance. Fees and agreements for use of the church are available from the church office.

To view the wedding guidelines and to download an application, please click HERE.

**Premarital counseling is required.**

​​Funerals/Celebrations of Life

The pastor is available for funerals and memorial services of members and, as time permits, for non-members. The church offers funeral luncheons/dinners when requested by the family by contacting the funeral coordinator through the church office.

Memorial/Honor Gifts to Porter UMC

Memorial/Honor gifts to Porter United Methodist Church can symbolize your tribute to a living person, to a recently deceased person, or to commemorate a joyous event.


You can give recognition to a meaningful friendship, birth, or marriage by giving a donation to Porter UMC.


Gifts are designated, but will be used to purchase items of a semi-permanent nature needed in the church programs.  A card to acknowledge your gift will be sent promptly to the honoree or their family.  Your name as a donor of a gift and the individual you are honoring will be recorded in the Memorial Record book.

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